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Weekend Reads!

I just love weekends where the majority of time is spent reading. I had one of those this past weekend and it was lovely.

I finished LOVELESS by Alice Oseman. I quite enjoyed it. It follows Georgia, Pip, Jason, and Rooney at their first year of university. A first year of self identification and self acceptance. A beautiful LGBTQ+ read, from the author of HEARTSTOPPER. I didn't know much about aromantic or asexual before, so it was really cool to read outside of my own LGBTQ identity. I believe Alice identifies as asexual, so it sounds like she was amplifying her voice through Georgia, which made it even better and authentic.

(This adorable book sleeve was made by @bookinasweater on Instagram!)

With my children, we read THE LENGEND OF ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS by Drew Daywalt and ANTONIO'S AMAZING GIFT by Naibe Reynoso.

THE LEGEND OF ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS is by the author Drew Daywalt, who wrote The Day The Crayons Quit. Unpopular opinion...I didn't enjoy those books. I could see the appeal, but, I don't know, not for me. This book, however, landed very solidly! My five year old and I, who play Rock, Paper, Scissors all the time, were laughing so hard, we had to pause every couple of pages to catch our breath. I absolutely awarded 5 stars and we will be buying this to add to our home collection. Very well done.

Our family, well, I suppose my children and I, are Encanto OBSESSED right now, so of course we loved this book! My 5 year old is an animal enthusiast and Antonio was his favorite character from the movie. This book follows the movie relatively closely, with the exception of the cracks appearing, the town being there to celebrate, and Mirabel's feelings. I liked that the town was not included - I actually thought that strange to include in the film. I much preferred the small, intimate discovery of Antonio's gift amongst family. Also, during this scene in the movie, Mirabel is feeling down and left out, but in this book, she is nothing but pleased for her cousin and his amazing gift.

Goodreads Challenge Update: In January, I set a goal of 100 books. I think I knew then that that would be too little. LOVELESS was the big 100, so now I need to increase goal. Since we're about halfway through the year, another 100 seems doable, but I'm not generally a risk taker, so I'll likely set it to 175 and see where we land.

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