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Themed Reads: Halloween!

It's October, which means Halloween is right around the corner! Here are some of the Halloween themed books we read this month!

  1. Corduroy's Trick-or-Treat by Don Freeman and Lisa McCue. Corduroy attends a Halloween party with his friends! They paint pumpkins, eat festive cupcakes, and play pin-the-tail on the black cat! They end the festivity with trick or treating! It's a very cute book that my 4yr old and 2yr old had such a great time with!

2. Little Blue Truck's Halloween by Alice Schertle and Jill McEmurry. Little Blue Truck is going to a costume party!! He picks up all his friends along the way. Everyone has such great costumes! Lift the flap to reveal who's under the mask. This is such a cute book! It's my favorite of all the Halloween books we've read so far. I think Blue has the best costume of all!

3. Pout-Pout Fish Halloween Faces by Deborah Diesen. The Pout Pout Fish is very similar to my children in that he has several different costumes for one night of trick or treating fun! 😂 My kids love dress up, so they really enjoyed this book. The googly eyes were also really fun! We took turns on each page getting to shake the book and watch the eyes bounce around.

4. Happy Halloween, Stinky Face by Lisa McCourt and Cyd Moore. We love Stinky Face books. The situations the little boy comes up with always make us giggle! This story is Halloween themed. Stinky Face and his friends go Trick or Treating! It's a very cute book and those who love the series will certainly like this one.

We hope everyone has a safe and FUN Halloween!!

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