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Presidential Reading Challenge

I have set a reading challenge for myself, wherein I read either an autobiography or a biography about each (with one exception) US President. I hope to also do the same for the First Ladies. . .but presidents are up first.

History is something that I love reading about. It makes me proud learning about how the past has shaped the present. I like reading about and knowing what happened under each president and how they handled it. I'll be honest, I also enjoy the gossip. No human is perfect, which makes for juicy gossip sometimes.

If you've been following this blog, or you follow me on Instagram (@readbysti), it's no news that I have a slight Kennedy obsession. I've read several Kennedy biographies and I will read many more. No plans on stopping. I'm just now finishing up AN UNFINISHED LIFE by Robert Dallek, so number 35 will be the first to be crossed off the list.

I have not set a time constraint as this is purely for fun. It almost certainly will take me over a year, but I look forward to the challenge and I'm so excited to learn more!

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