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Picture Book Review: Because You're Mine by Nancy Tillman

Much like Nancy's other books, Because You're Mine will leave parents in tears and children feeling secure in their parents unconditional love.

In Because You're Mine, Nancy once again uses her incredible talent to beautifully capture all the jumbled thoughts and feelings bouncing around my heart, cradle and shape them, and lay perfectly down in type. She becomes my voice. She helps me to tell my children that I've wished for them my entire life. That nothing they could ever do will change or take away my love for them. She helps me tell them that I love them, all of them, wholly and entirely! No matter how quirky or seemingly undesirable their traits and behaviors.

The book goes on to further secure that love. It speaks of potentially losing your way and the parent doing everything and more to find and aid. Because you're mine. Because you're mine.

I read this book in tears before placing my loves in bed tonight. I especially struggled with the last lines. "Because you're mine. The reverse is just as true - I also belong to you" I foresee this becoming a favorite bedtime story. My three year old hugged me extra tight tonight, which shows me that he understood and feels secure.

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