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It's You I Like by Fred Rogers and Luke Flowers

IT'S YOU I LIKE lyrics by Fred Rogers, illustrations by Luke Flowers.

Description (from Goodreads): For the first time ever, Mister Rogers's heartwarming song "It's You I Like" is in board book form to share with the youngest readers. Featuring a diverse array of families and friendships, the affirming lyrics and illustrations convey Mister Rogers's singular warmth and belief that every child is special and loved.


I'm sure many of you have grown up with Mister Rogers Neighborhood as I have. You may remember his song It's You I Like. It was my favorite because I felt like he was singing right to me and I needed that affirmation of unconditional love. I sang this to both my babies every night before placing them in their cribs for bed, so when I read them this book they both immediately recognized it.

This beautiful board book is set to the lyrics of Its You I Like. Luke Flowers illustrates beautiful art featuring diverse individuals. I love that it give kids that sense of unconditional love - being loved for WHO they are rather than what they do, have, or how they act. My kids shouted, "Again, Mommy!" at the end, every time. This is a special book and we'll cherish it, for sure.

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