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Children's Books About Nature - Roundup!

If you've got a little one who is currently interested in seasons or nature - I've got a few recommendations for you!

My 4 year old is so fascinated by the seasons, and my 2 year old is loving all the time we're spending in nature. These books were from our latest library haul.

  1. A Year In Nature by Hazel Maskell and Eleanor Taylor. This is a beautiful pop-up book about the four seasons. It's very informative and there's lots to see and touch. Learn about what the insects, animals, trees, and plants are doing during each season of the year. My four year old really enjoyed this book!

  2. Because of an Acorn by Lola M. Schaefer and Adam Schaefer. This book links together the layers of our ecosystem in poetic verse, using very few words. For example, "Because of an acorn, a tree. Because of a tree, a bird." It begins and ends with an acorn, linking a full loop. My two year old enjoyed this one. I, personally, craved a bit more, but I like the level of dependency this book builds.

Open to the Fall page of A Year in Nature

3. Tiny, Perfect Things by M.H.Clark. I loved this book! It follows a child and a grandparent on a nature walk. They take their time and marvel at all the tiny, perfect things they encounter. Like a yellow leaf, a spider web, a red bottle cap, a flower growing through a crack in the sidewalk. This book resonated with me because this is exactly how I walk through nature with my children. It takes us ages to walk a short distance because we stop and appreciate all the tiny, perfect things. I hope this book serves as a reminder to slow down and enjoy the beauty of the world, because it really is quite beautiful.

Illustration from Tiny, Perfect Things

4. The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle. In this story, we follow the lifecycle of a seed. Several seeds are blown in a giant Autumn wind. Some are lost, but some survive the Fall and Winter months. Sprout in the Spring, where some, now flowers, are stomped by running feet or plucked and gifted. The tiniest seed grows to be a giant flower that a Fall breeze will sweep its' seeds away and thus begins the cycle again. A very cute story where the tiniest seed is also the mightiest seed.

Stay tuned, as I'll soon have more nature recommendations! I've requested some more from our local library and I can't wait to share them!

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