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Eliza | Sirius | Snips

Read by Sti is a Mother, Son, and Daughter book club. 

I'm Eliza, or Mom. I wrote a book blog for many years and I just can't stop. Now I'm back with my children. I like to read both fiction and nonfiction. I, for the most part, read adult fiction, but I've been known to jump around from middle grade to young adult, too. As for nonfiction, I like to read about science, forensics, and I'm a bit of a history nerd when it comes to the American Civil War, the American Revolutionary War, and the RMS Titanic. 

Sirius is a three year old boy who loves to read anything and everything.  His interests lie in trucks, dinosaurs, ocean animals, and most recently, Olaf from Disney's Frozen. He will be sharing his thoughts and opinions on the picture books we share.

Snips is a one year old girl who loves horses and tea parties. She likes to read books about Disney Princesses and mermaids. Touch and Feel books are her favorites. 

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